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Deciding Between a Large CRO and a Boutique CRO for Your Oncology Study

When it’s time to evaluate CROs for your oncology study, your first choice is typically to determine what type of CRO you are going to evaluate: One of the handful of global CROs that dominate the top-end of the market A boutique oncology CRO There are benefits and detractions to both. In some situations, the […]

The Importance of Bid Transparency in a CRO Proposal

Planning an oncology study requires a tremendous amount of research, analysis and decisions. Large biotechs and pharma typically have the experience and bandwidth to address these issues internally, prior to evaluating bids from CROs (Contract Research Organizations). But for small to mid-size sponsors, or sponsors new to oncology, this can be an ever-evolving process. Many […]

ASU launches new Master of Science, Clinical Research Management program

Arizona State University now offers an online Master of Science in Clinical Research Management that prepares students for specialized clinical research positions in regulatory affairs, clinical research operations, auditing, monitoring and more.

Mouse Hematology: A Laboratory Manual

Mike McGarry, Ph.D., our Vice President of Preclinical Studies, along with his Arizona Mayo Clinic colleagues Cheryl A. Protheroe and James J. Lee, has just authored a new book, Mouse Hematology: A Laboratory Manual, now available for pre-order from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Dr. McGarry, a preclinical research scientist with over 35 years of experience generating animal-based data, leads preclinical program design, management and execution on behalf of Medelis’ biotech clients around the world.

The “Lost Opportunity” in Phase I Oncology Trials

Cancer drug developers traditionally use the phase I trial solely to assess the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug. Today, we’ve published a free new downloadable abstract, "The Lost Opportunity in Phase I Oncology Trials," an interview with renowned oncology investigator Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D. In the interview, Dr. Von Hoff advocates for a phase I approach that looks beyond toxicity and gleans meaningful efficacy data, creating a more compelling rationale for further investment and improved patient care.

Medelis expands CRO services into Europe, appoints Dr. Deirdre Tessman to run the operation

Medelis is very pleased to announce that our colleague Deirdre Tessman, Ph.D., has officially joined our organization to lead our new Medelis Europe division as its Managing Director. She brings 10 years of European CRO experience and 30+ years in worldwide drug development and regulatory experience.