New VP of Preclinical Studies to lead new oncology preclinical research services

We’re pleased to officially announce that Mike McGarry, Ph.D. has joined Medelis as VP of Preclinical Studies.  Dr. McGarry will lead a new service offering to provide preclinical study design, management and execution for our biotech and pharmaceutical clients around the world.

"Adding preclinical services allows us to provide a complete offering for biotech and pharmaceutical companies developing oncology drugs," said Medelis’ Chairman and CEO Bob Bosserman.

"We can deliver a full spectrum of services that allow our client sponsors to outsource more of their technical development work, with concomitant savings in time and money, without sacrificing a clear strategic plan for their drug candidates," he continued.  "For our clients, getting to the right result, with a minimum of risk and at a reasonable cost, is the key deliverable at every stage in the development process."

"The value for Chief Medical Officers is that we can work to bridge their preclinical study design and execution with their clinical team," said Dr. McGarry. "We can help CMOs avoid regulatory obstacles and delays, but more importantly, this well-coordinated process can yield stronger drug candidates for phase I clinical trials."

Under Dr. McGarry’s leadership, Medelis will design and execute oncology preclinical studies using specialized oncology research models while handling technical writing, laboratory services, toxicology consulting and regulatory submissions.  The company will work with clients to develop precise animal-based, IACUC-approved protocols, selecting the most suitable contract lab to perform the research.  Medelis will oversee all study execution and interpretation of results.

Medelis’ preclinical research offerings include:

  • Feasibility Studies – exploratory, with several tumor lines
  • Proof of Principle – definitive, demonstrative experiments
  • Model development
  • Efficacy of therapy in a defined animal model
  • Endpoints

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We also invite you to download our recent Insider Abstract, "Preclinical Trials:  A Nuanced Approach to Get Into the Clinic Faster," an in-depth interview with Dr. McGarry.