Medelis Partners with The McGuire Institute to Continue Raising the Standards of Clinical Dentistry Research

Today, Medelis is proud to announce our partnership with The McGuire Institute to continue to advance the practice of dentistry through clinically-relevant practice-based research.

Founded by Dr. Michael K. McGuire and Dr. E. Todd Scheyer, The McGuire Institute is a non-profit organization focused on delivering highly relevant clinical research that supports clients’ goals and advances the profession through the adoption of new or improved technologies in practice.

Medelis is supporting the research by applying its expertise from designing and managing complex oncology clinical trials to this rapidly developing field. Dr. McGuire sought out Medelis to help pioneer this new set of standards for dental studies.

Dental sponsors can take advantage of the Medelis and The McGuire Institute partnership to conduct studies using faster site start-up with a diverse set of patients treated by trained staff who implement health-enhancing technology into direct patient care.

Medelis and The McGuire Institute have completed a number of studies together, including a successful phase II, 10-site and 40-patient posterior buccal dehiscence extraction study and a phase III, 8-site and 40-patient randomized device study.

Dental sponsors, sites and McGuire Institute members can learn more here.

Medelis Dental Research