A Specialized Oncology Contract Research Organization

Oncology clinical trials are usually longer and more complex than those targeting other diseases. In addition to the medical and scientific issues, enrollment can be a challenge: although cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States, fewer than 3% of cancer patients currently enroll in clinical trials for new treatments. And with the progress of the Human Genome Project in recent years, there is an entirely new generation of cancer drugs that offer therapies targeted to the genomics of an individual patient and an individual cancer.

This growing string of drug candidates has accentuated drug developers’ need for rapid and accurate clinical trial results.

Oncology Drug Development Expertise for Faster Results

Medelis’ team includes world-class oncology drug development thought leaders who understand the future of personalized medicine and threshold of credibility trials. Our extensive worldwide contacts and involvement with the research community keep us close to research trends and developments.

Simply put, we know when new agents are coming into clinical development, and we work with our clients to create the best strategy to move treatments through the clinic.

Efficient Trial Planning and Execution

And while in the clinic, you’ll receive the comfort knowing that our management team, project managers and CRAs all have deep oncology experience to complement their skills in operational and technical matters.

Our extensive knowledge base and expertise enables us to streamline trial planning, start-up and execution by:

  • Leveraging our past trial work in phase I and phase II studies by implementing tools and processes that are proven for your trial design.
  • Developing project plans appropriate to the specific needs, complexities and data density of early phase studies.
  • Being flexible with sponsors’ requirements, recognizing and quickly adapting to study challenges and changes in the regulatory or competitive environment.

We value innovation and understand the importance of doing the work smarter so cost and time efficiencies can be maximized, and ensuring customer satisfaction through superior customer service and quality work.

This expertise gives you the comfort of having an experienced, highly-skilled team at your disposal, and a proactive partner managing your oncology clinical trial.  We understand how to handle the nuances of oncology clinical trials, to get you the data you need, for faster, more accurate results.

Learn more about our experience managing oncology clinical trials.