Rescue Studies

One of the great compliments a client can give their CRO is to request advice and counsel on fixing a clinical study that is broken, stalled in its start-up phase, or having trouble engaging sites or enrolling patients.

Rescue studies are often challenging for any CRO, but Medelis has been entrusted with a number of rescue studies by its clients.

Medelis has even been engaged as a rescue CRO, in total confidence, tasked with preparing and staffing a replacement study management team and new study plan, that was ready to take over on an agreed upon date when the previous CRO was terminated.

From our experience handling these rescue studies, the Medelis team has developed a rescue study procedure for its clients which includes:

  • Review and assessment of all study elements
  • Identification of key issues preventing study success
  • Study rescue plan focused on resolving current bottlenecks and study challenges
  • Expedited study schedule to get it back on track
  • Complete solution to regain lost time and momentum

In virtually every case, the new team has been able to reverse almost all problems, and regain most of the lost time, with minimal additional expense to the client.

If you have a study that’s missing key deadlines or goals, connect with us for a confidential discussion about ways to get your study back on track.