Assistance in Refining Study or Protocol Design

Oncology Thought-Leadership and Clinical Expertise to Maximize Trial Effectiveness

The right protocol and clinical study design can make the difference between spending years in the clinic obtaining nebulous data, and getting the answers you need on an efficient timeline.

The Medelis Medical Advisory Board and oncology clinical research management team can assist with your protocol design, and handle all the details of the protocol writing.

Our approach is driven by a critical mass of clinical research expertise, the ability to identify and focus on the most significant challenges, and your need for prompt results.

Our world-class insight and experience in the development and execution of clinical research plans and protocols delivers the decision support you need to chart your next clinical move.

Whether you’re a small team looking to fill the gaps in your oncology drug development expertise, or a large group looking for a fresh perspective and validation from external experts, our team is available to assist you.

Value to Sponsors

Leveraging the oncology drug development expertise of the Medelis team provides you with:

  • A team of thought leaders who know what new agents are coming into clinical development, and the best strategies for moving treatments through the clinic
  • Protocol trouble-shooting
  • Better identification of potential problems
  • Time and cost efficiencies
  • Reduced scheduling risks
  • Preparation for regulatory risk
  • Better study execution

By having Medelis assist with your protocol design, or handle the protocol writing, you will be confident that you’ve selected the best possible route for your path through the clinic, giving your clinical investment the greatest chance of success.

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