Troubled Study Analysis and Recommendations

Expert Advice to Get Your Oncology Study Back on Track

Oncology studies are complex. Conducting clinical trials with cancer patients typically takes more time than conducting studies with healthy volunteers. The complexities of oncology studies increase the likelihood of study timelines getting off track, which leads to increased costs and lost time to market for sponsors.

If your study is off track, Medelis’ oncology clinical research management team and members of our Medical Advisory Board can review and assess all of your study elements. We’ll identify the key issues preventing your study from meeting your timelines, and develop a study rescue plan focused on resolving current bottlenecks and study challenges.

If you’re unsure whether your CRO or clinical team is performing efficiently, we’re able to analyze your study in confidence, so you can gain a fresh perspective about the real causes of your study delays.

Getting a study back on track requires an in-depth understanding of:

  • The best investigators and sites for a specific protocol and indication
  • How to recruit the right patients
  • The necessary skills and oncology experience of the CRAs and project managers
  • The current regulatory environment
  • The most effective method for the collection, organization and submission of the study data

Our analysis provides you with a complete solution to regain lost time and momentum. In virtually every case, the Medelis team has been able to reverse almost all problems, and regain most of the lost time, with minimal additional expense to the client.

Value to Sponsors

By engaging Medelis in our Troubled Study Analysis and Recommendations offering to get your study back on track, you gain a fresh perspective on how to alleviate trial challenges.

Getting your trial back on track allows you to:

  • Recover lost time
  • Avoid the extra costs of an extended timeline
  • Gain the data that you need, faster
  • Reduce your time to market

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