Study Launch

Site feasibility studies, identification, qualification, management, contracting and payment

Our extensive contacts in the world’s research community enable us to find the right sites for your study and help you enroll qualified patients quickly.

Whether you’re looking for the reputation of an academic institution or the rapid start-up of a private facility, Medelis has the relationships and experience to get the right sites for your trial.

Once sites are chosen, Medelis will negotiate budgets and contracts with each site, prepare easy-to-follow payment and reconciliation documents and disburse a client’s funds on its behalf to sites on a timely basis.

Investigator identification and recruitment

Having the right investigators committed to your trial is imperative for getting it into the clinic. First it’s critical to design the trial so it’s attractive to top investigators.

Then Medelis can leverage our world-class oncology network to quickly find the right investigators for your oncology clinical research study launch, to get the answers you need.

Oncology patient recruitment and accrual strategies

For those hard-to-accrue studies, Medelis can offer individualized and unique internet-based marketing and public relations programs to assist investigators in finding and enrolling patients.

Not only can we help to engage other oncology specialists, we can attract the patients themselves, improving the speed with which critical data is obtained.

Study start-up, ethics committees, training, investigator meetings

Medelis understands its clients’ objectives for rapid execution of studies, and the early stage of study activity is an important time to execute plans and tasks with dispatch.

The clinical teams will locate the right investigators, develop site budgets and contracts, complete ethics committee approvals, organize and plan the investigator meeting and move into patient recruitment quickly, so as to establish momentum.

The right plan is important and executing with urgency makes a significant difference at this early stage.